Welcome to Cedar Creek Camo! The ORIGINAL CEDAR CAMOUFLAGE introduced to you first by sportsmen who know what it takes to get the job done! Cedar Creek Camo is the newest most practical camo ever created, and makes the most sense for the country we hunt! Created by seasoned veterans who always have your success in mind, this hot new pattern was carefully designed to bring to life the illusion of the busy cedar country we live in throughout the United States. It blends perfectly in any hunting environment, so you can expect Cedar Creek Camo to outperform any of the competitors’ camo when it comes to hunting those thick cedar breaks. The one thing that every hunter knows is that maximizing your concealment is the absolute key to an enjoyable and successful hunt. When wearing the right camouflage your chances of getting that patiently awaited shot is no longer out of reach. Our 12 earth-tone, year round colors, make up the realistic 3-D effect needed for maximizing your concealment. Having to work a little harder these days for extra money, we feel that now more than ever, our top priority is to provide a quality long lasting product that can be worn for years to come. Our clothing is field tested and has gone through several design changes. As owners of C3 we wanted to come up with a camouflage pattern good enough for us and for hunters just like you who want to improve “their game.” Not only is this Camo comfortable enough to wear anywhere, but it’s also versatile and durable enough to perform in ANY situation or environment. Our clothing was designed FOR hunters BY hunters. Comfort, quality, and getting you in the hunt are what we are all about. When you purchase your C3 Camo, know that we stand behind our product and you as a fellow hunter. We have a relentless dedication to Customer Satisfaction and truly thank you for visiting our website.