About C3

Kris Rodgers

Kris Rodgers - C3Having lived in Austin Texas all of my life I've enjoyed hunting what a few might argue to be some of the best hunting in the country. You might even consider me to be an"O.K" shot with a bow! After my first bow kill at the impressionable age of 11 I knew that bow-hunting was going to be "The Thing for me". I was hooked! At a young age I worked a lot of jobs, so I could grab the newest hunting gear available, which usually consisted of straighter arrows, plenty of jerky, and the coolest Camo out! Finally it was back into the woods away from everything and everyone, my sacred place. During my high school years my buddies were at their houses battling each other in Fantasy Football. I was prowling around the woods like an Indian scout with my stick and string looking for something to WACK. I had BACKSTRAPS on the brain! There were a couple of things I knew I needed to excel at if I was going to graduate into the" trophy hunter" I wanted to become. The first, being able to hold super still, so still as to not even blink an eye, but most importantly being able to blend into my surroundings to fool Mother Nature's sharpest eyes. Although I consider myself to be pretty lucky, all of us could use a little help when it comes to "becoming one" with the area we hunt.

Throughout my adult years hunting has taken me all over this beautiful world and I think of it as more of a lifestyle than a sport. With respect to nature and what the good man upstairs has provided me with, I've developed a true passion for the outdoors and consider all of the time I spend chasing those Wiley Critters around the forest a gift. After 30 years of dedicated time in the woods I've got a pretty good Idea of what mistakes might cost you the hunt!

Thus the cedar tree pattern concept was developed with the thought of ordinary folks just like yourselves trying to do the same thing I was, staying hidden just long enough to get that ethical lethal shot that you've been waiting on. For the longest time myself with countless others have been asking "why there wasn't a camouflage pattern that resembled a cedar tree?" After all, we live in a country covered in em'. So my partner James and I took it upon ourselves to bring this pattern to life and offer it to sportsmen and sportswomen across the country that take hunting seriously. Those that NEED a Camouflage good enough to get the job done ANYWHERE they might hunt. After three years of careful development, CEDAR CAMOUFLAGE IS FINALLY HERE!!!

James Reynolds

James Reynolds - C3 James is a native Texan born and raised in Houston. Throughout James's childhood his parents have owned various ranches in the Texas hill Country. James has enjoyed dove, turkey, and deer hunting since he was a child. James has worked for his parents and grandparents businesses during summer breaks. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs he always knew he wanted his own business but never really knew what he wanted to do. James graduated from Southwest Texas State University in 2003 with a BBA in marketing. Since graduating James has had a successful sales career in the Construction industry. This is where James and Kris met. Kris came to James and said he had an idea. After two years of hard work and dedication Cedar Creek Camo was created. It just made sense.