Cedar Creek Camo Signs Meng & Associates

BASTROP, Texas - Makers of the original cedar camouflage, Cedar Creek Camo announces it has selected Meng & Associates Inc. of Austin, Texas, for public relations and marketing support in promoting its one-of-a-kind camouflage apparel and products.

"Maximizing your concealment is the absolute key to an enjoyable and successful hunt, and we've developed a camouflage pattern and a high-quality apparel line that is comfortable and, most importantly, helps hunters take ‘their game' to a new level," says Kris Rodgers, co-owner of Cedar Creek Camo and a life-long hunter. "Meng & Associates has a strong track record in the outdoor industry. We are eager to work with them to introduce sportsmen to the original cedar camouflage."

In development for more than three years and created by seasoned hunters, the all-new Cedar Creek Camo pattern was carefully designed to bring to life the illusion of the busy cedar country. The unique 12 earth-tone, year-round color palette creates a realistic 3-D effect which maximizes concealment in a wide variety of hunting environments.

"I'm very excited about our relationship with Cedar Creek Camo," said John Meng, president of Meng & Associates. "Cedar Creek Camo is the newest, most practical camo I've seen and I think it outperforms many of the well-known competitors, especially when hunting from thick cedar breaks as well as pine."

Specializing in brand building and public relations, Meng & Associates is a full-service marketing firm that has built strong relationships in the outdoors industry. As a part of that service, Meng & Associates founded the Hunting Wire (www.HuntingWire.com), the industry's only on-line news service entirely dedicated to hunting and hunting-related businesses.

Cedar Creek Camo is available via an online store and through a growing family of retailers. To learn more about Cedar Creek Camo, located a retailer or to learn more about distribution opportunities, please visit www.CedarCreekCamo.com.

Located near Bastrop, Texas, Cedar Creek Camo offers a full line of 3-D camouflaged apparel. For more information on Cedar Creek Camo and for distribution opportunities, visit www.CedarCreekCamo.com.